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     1. Add the product to the shopping cart and click to clear the invoice. Click "Edit" next to "Invoice Info" on the "Order Billing Page" page to modify the invoice type (normal invoice, VAT invoice), invoice (individual, company ), Invoice content, invoice header content can not be empty.
     2. Invoice amount can not be higher than the actual amount paid.
     3. In order to enjoy the warranty service provided by the manufacturer, please invoice the goods as a detailed invoice; invoice content defaults to the full name of the goods you ordered, you can modify the invoice content when submitting an order.
     4. An order corresponds to a common invoice.
     5. After receiving the invoice if found due to sales of the company due to the rise of the contents of the bill, or the amount of error, please within 60 days from the date of billing contact customer service staff to arrange for you to change the invoice matters, the cost of return from borne by the responsible party.
     6. For details, please contact customer service.