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Composer, conductor, violinist, king of Waltz

John Strauss, the eldest son of old John Strauss, the outstanding representative of the famous composer, conductor, violinist and Strauss family in Austria. Born in 1825 to a musical family in Vienna, he had the same name as his father. It is known as the "king of the round dance" by the world. In 1844, he composed his own band, playing the works of my father and myself. In the 1855-1865 year, he was invited to direct summer concerts in St Petersburg for ten years and 1863-1870 years as the royal court ball. In 1899, when John Strauss died, the people of Vienna held a grand funeral of one hundred thousand people. Strauss's creative activities can be roughly divided into three periods. Although Strauss wrote the famous "South Rose Rose dance", "spring sound waltz", "the Emperor Waltz" and so on.

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